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Jan 4, 2016

Original Release Date: 03/02/2015


We are back to kick off the month of March with an all new mini episode. There were plans for two first time guests to be on the show this week but due to scheduling conflicts, we had postpone. Luckily my wife, Christa McCann, offered to throw on some headphones and have some fun on the mics. We start with a little open discussion, go through some of 'Toph's Twitter Favorites' and close it out with a game in which we find out a secret about Christa that she's been hiding for years! Some topics in the episode include: the Oscars, WWE, Parks and Recreation Series Finale, Steve Buscemi, Billy Madison vs. Happy Gilmore, a Beanie Baby feud, Christa explains how much she hates collecting items, a toddler fight club, David Hasslehoff rapping (not raping), groaking and Topher explaining how many Mondays are in each month!


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