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May 9, 2016

Original Release Date: 5/4/2015


We are back to kick off May with another edition of BROcast After Dark. Each week on the show, we usually start off with some open discussion and then go onto different segments. For BROcast After Dark, it's all open discussion. A late night recording involving a few drinks and some stories from the guests. This week I am joined by James Morozin, Pete Scott and Nick Cullen. Some topics discussed in the episode include: 

▪ When lending your lighter goes wrong

▪ A birthday celebration

▪ This not being a video podcast

▪ A grade school reunion

▪ Getting your shorts signed

▪ James' Sports Corner

▪ Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Michael Pitt, road dome, cheesesteaks, dagg bombs and more!



 "Sugar" performed by Ivo Cabrera (Maroon 5 Instrumental Cover)

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