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Mar 21, 2016

Original Release Date: 03/23/2015


We are back this week with another BROcast After Dark. Each week on the show, we usually start off with some open discussion and then go onto different segments. For BROcast After Dark, it's all open discussion. A late night recording involving some cocktails and some stories from the guests. This week I am joined by Jared Shafer, Shane Dougherty and Pete Scott. Since it is the week of WrestleMania, I had on some wrestling fans and we discussed that very topic for the first half of the episode. We also do 'The List' where we discuss The Top 10 Wrestling Controversies. In the second half of the episode we discuss fruit, hop into an episode of We Talkin' Stamos, relive a moment from Boy Meets World where Shawn joined a cult, bash on a guest that should of been on this very episode with us, and we also talk about a very, very eccentric softball player!

Be Cool . . . Eat Fruit!


"Artificial Joy" performed by The Easton Ellises


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