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Feb 8, 2016

We are back this week with an all new BROcast After Dark. Each week on the show, we usually start off with some open discussion and then go onto different segments. For BROcast After Dark, it's all open discussion. A late night recording (in this case, an afternoon) involving a few drinks and some stories from the guests. This week I am joined by Nick Cullen, Shane Dougherty and Vince DeVice. Some topics discussed in the episode include: 


▪ Useless fingers

▪ Random question about basketball

▪ Jeff Van Gundy calls in frequently

▪ Few minutes of WWE talk

▪ The boys discuss Star Wars

▪ Lottery talk

▪ What country would you like to live in for a year?

▪ Poaching poachers

▪ A quick unnoticed Toto joke 

▪ The pointlessness of award shows and more!


Don't forget to watch this month's movie, The Ugly Truth (2009) for "BROcast Presents" Movie Night: We've Made A Huge Mistake! It is available to rent on YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Video & Vudu. Episode drops on Monday, February 29th!

Check out Shane and Vince's videos here!



We are going to start streaming episodes live on YouTube in 2016! You will be able to see our beautiful faces and you guys will be able to interact with us during the show. If you miss us live don't worry, the video will instantly be uploaded to YouTube and the audio version will still drop every Monday on iTunes and all podcast providers. 


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