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Jan 18, 2016

On the last Monday of every month, we do an episode on the show called Movie Night: We've Made a Huge Mistake! Me and 3 guests will watch a terrible movie and then sit down, talk and have some fun with it. To celebrate the second year of Movie Night, we are going to take a look back and hear some funny clips from the movies we tackled in 2015!


Those movies are:

  • Santa With Muscles (1996)
  • When In Rome (2010)
  • Love Wrecked (2005)
  • Grease 2 (1982)
  • Spike Of Bensonhurst (1988)
  • Teen Witch (1989)
  • She's The Man (2006)
  • Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015)
  • Pizza Man (2011)
  • Double Dragon (1994)
  • Deadly Friend (1986)
  • Sydney White (2007)


I hope everyone enjoys it and if you have any suggestions for a movie to do on the show, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


Check out last year's Best of Movie Night: We've Made a Huge Mistake! (2014) by clicking here.



We are going to start streaming episodes live on YouTube in 2016! You will be able to see our beautiful faces and you guys will be able to interact with us during the show. If you miss us live don't worry, the video will instantly be uploaded to YouTube and the audio version will still drop every Monday on iTunes and all podcast providers. 


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