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Mar 26, 2018

We are back and it's time to tackle the most progressive movie ever on "BROcast Presents" Movie Night: We've Made a Huge Mistake! That movie, of course, is Power Rangers from 2017! Co-hosts, Topher McCann and Jared Shafer are joined with special guests, David Winton and Nick Cullen! We close out each Movie Night with...

Mar 19, 2018

We are back for another round of Notes On Notes w/ Jared & Toph. Next up, we will (sort of) discuss Juliette Lewis' debut solo album, Terra Incognita, from 2009.


Next Monday

"BROcast Presents" 

Movie Night: We've Made A Huge Mistake!

Power Rangers (2017)


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Mar 12, 2018

Original Release Date: 10/08/2017

Sometimes on 'Notes On Notes' we can go a little off course! This week we take a look back at the first 10 episodes of 'Notes On Notes' and hear a montage of all the times we've been SideTracked!

Hear some of your favorite podcasts like: Limes or Lines?, Master Peach, Droppin' Nelly,...

Mar 5, 2018

This week, Topher is joined by Jared Shafer (Notes On Notes, Movie Night: We've Made A Huge Mistake!) and Mike Butler (Fireside Chats w/ Mike Butler). The boys start off discussing the 1 month anniversary of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl, Joey Lawrence, LeBron James, Joey Lawrence and much more . . . maybe like some...