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Sep 25, 2017

We are back to discuss 1997's Star Kid for Movie Night: We've Made a Huge Mistake! Hopefully your eyes are not getting weary because I'm joined with my co-host, Jared Shafer along with our special guest, David Winton. I know your back is getting tight, but we close out each Movie Night with 'The Re-Review' and we...

Sep 18, 2017

We are back for another round of Notes On Notes w/ Jared and Toph. Next up, we will be (sort of) discuss Randy Savage's rap album 'Be A Man' from 2005. Joining us as a special guest is the host of FireSide Chats, Mike Butler. We hear about Mike actually owning the album when it was first released, have an...

Sep 11, 2017

This week, Topher is joined by Jared Shafer from Notes On Notes and Movie Night: We've Made A Huge Mistake! The boys discuss Jared's appearance on the FireSide Chats podcast, Sisqo, hurricanes, NASCAR for some reason, an insulting dinner experience and much more!


This Monday...

Notes On Notes #19: Randy Savage


Sep 4, 2017

We are back and joined with Mike Butler (Fireside Chats with Mike Butler) and Jared Shafer (Notes On Notes, Movie Night: We've Made A Huge Mistake!). We discuss Fireside Chats, football drafts, wedding preparation, boring honeymoons and much more!



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